Unlock the real power of digitization with comprehensive Human Resource Management Software. Our cloud-based HR management system makes it easy to manage your HR processes and complex functions seamlessly. The automated HR management software will be your one-stop solution assisting you in making meaningful HR decisions.

Awedus’s cutting-edge human resource software enables small and medium businesses to manage all HR activities from hire to retire.

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  • Intelligent Dashboard with widgets of important activities
  • Log your Activities directly and create tasks
  • Upcoming Leaves, interviews, Appraisals, Resigns and Birthday widgets
  • Today’s interviews assigned to you
  • Card to view Persons on leave today

Employees Management

  • Securely Track and store employee records in one click
  • Add/Edit and delete Employees and change status of Employees
  • Assign user right and role to individuals on needed basis
  • View activities of each employee in detail
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Documents Management

  • Store all your documents at one place
  • HR Policies, norms and rule books for employees to view from one central location
  • Set rights to show/hide documents

Recruitment Management

  • Resume Management – Resume Upload, Candidate and Resume search and Accept Resume in all formats
  • Applicant Tracking system, Centralize Communication, Archive Applicants
  • User Friendly and Intuitive Interface
  • Recruitment Analytics Dashboard and reporting
  • Collaborative Recruitment – Share Candidates with team members, share notes and candidate evaluations, Assign different stages
  • Manage User Roles and permissions
  • Schedule Interviews and assign to respective team members
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Leaves Management

  • A user-friendly Leave management option for all employees
  • Employees can add leave, Update leave until it is processed
  • Senior management and HR can see all leaves in one screen
  • Reporting manager can Approve, Reject or Cancel Leaves

Holidays Management

  • Maintain a list of annual holidays easily
  • Aid employees in planning their holidays
  • Full control on leave balance, leave notifications, and more
  • Reassigning an absent employee's task to another employee
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